Monday, February 18, 2008

Aunt Kassy and Amy (Age 7)

Fishing started out great.

Our pole was working very well, and we were the first to hit the mid-pier hot spot.

After a few drops off the pier, along came Amy, Age 7 who was out for the day with her Aunt Kassy. As it turns out, Amy and Kassy also kept a journal and took pictures of their day out.

Since they did not have their own pole, they joined us. Amy was very good at working the reel, which was a little hard to turn. Alexandra let Amy know that it was her first time fishing. Amy had some experience and shared her impressions.

Amy suggested that we find another spot, thinking that the center of the pier may not be such a good place because of the trucks driving buy scaring the fish. We had never seen fish ears before, but Amy assured us that some fish have ears under their throat.

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