Monday, February 18, 2008

Lunch at the Old Port Inn, Avila Bay

Sunset magazine does a piece every few years on the best restaurants on a pier. Old Port Inn is always featured favorably as one of the best.

The feature we love most are the glass top tables that allow you to look down into the water and observe the sea life -

We stopped in for a cup of chowder and chips ($4.95 kids price). Our waitress Jessica was tri-lingual - French, Spanish and English.

Alexandra and I had a lively conversation about being a niece. Alexandra wanted to be a niece, and was happy to learn that she already was one. Jessica helped us out by teaching us the word Sobrino/Sobrina in spanish. We already new Abuelo, Tio, Padre, and Nino.

In an amazing twist of fate, along drove our friend and neighbor Robert Anderson. He was on a bike ride and helped us to polish off our munchies before riding along.

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